Jeanne d'Arc Development

We are pleased to announce that construction has begun on Leacross Landing, Habitat GO's largest development to date at the corner of Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard and Fortune Drive in Orléans. Habitat GO plans to build 16 townhouses on the lot over the next three to four years, starting with the construction of four townhouses in Phase 1, which are currently under construction.

The property, which was a former gas station, is located at the southeast intersection of Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard and Fortune Drive in Orléans, north of Highway 174 in close proximity to the Jeanne d'Arc transit station. The development will include a total of 16 townhouses, with eight townhouses fronting onto Fortune Drive, while the remaining eight townhouses will front onto an internal private road. A total of 19 parking spaces will be provided on the site. One surface parking space will be provided for each of the 16 townhouses off of the internal private road. Three additional spaces will be provided for visitors, including one accessible parking space.

A driveway will be located at the northeast corner of the property off of Fortune Drive. A garbage enclosure will be located near the eastern property limit in line with the entrance to the site, which will permit pick-up vehicles to easily access the waste storage area. A private amenity area will be provided at the rear of each of the townhouses. 

Please click here to review the City of Ottawa zoning by-laws and the wide variety of residential and non-residential land uses that are permitted for the property. 

Here is the landscape design:
Landscape Design Jeanne dArc