About the Habitat logo
Habitat for Humanity uplifts people by building decent, affordable housing in partnership with them. It fosters unity by connecting them through a shared concern: that far too many people endure sleepless nights in deplorable conditions. Following the teachings of Jesus, Habitat aligns itself with equality and compassion, with service, tolerance and love.

Habitat for Humanity’s logo incorporates these ideals and reflects the principles that shape the Habitat movement. In it, human forms stand united in common purpose, their uplifted arms simultaneously indicating both the celebration of what we have achieved and the continuation of the work that still needs to be done. The logo’s rounded edges suggest a search for harmony, the universality of family, and the gentleness of spirit that springs from the heart of Habitat partners. The roof line represents shelter, to be sure, but also symbolizes the Habitat mission under which people of all races, ages and religious beliefs come together for the common good.

The organization’s name itself is prominently featured in the logo, signifying the two components that fuel Habitat’s mission. By creating decent habitat, we strengthen humanity, assembling the framework that translates into new lives and new hope, not only for those who will make a home there, but also for those whose labor and love embody the very best in people.

High Resolution Habitat Logos

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Habitat for Humanity Master Colors

Habiatat Blue
Pantone 294
C-100 M-58 Y-0 K-21
R-49 G-77 B-137
Hex# 3005596

Habitat Green
Pantone 361
C-69 M-0 Y-100 K-0
R-84 G-185 B-72
Hex# 54B948