Canadian Stone Carving Festival

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Thanks to everyone who attended the seventh annual Canadian Stone Carving Festival, which took place from July 22-24 at the Perth Fairgrounds as part of the Perth 200 "Blast from the Past Homecoming Weekend" celebrations.

Twenty-eight stone carvers from Canada and Europe gathered to create one-of-a-kind creations out of blocks of limestone. The stone chips started flying on Friday afternoon under a tent on the fairgrounds and festival attendees watched in amazement as the carvers began to turn their visions into reality. The action continued all day Saturday and on Sunday until 2 p.m. There was also a fun BBQ Block Party, live music and a great concert by Blue Rodeo over the weekend.

The completed sculptures were auctioned off on Sunday at 3 p.m. with more than $10,000+ raised for Habitat GO and it's new Perth Chapter. All of the proceeds will stay in Perth and go towards the construction of a single-family home in the Perth Works area. 

Special thanks to Danny Barber, John-Philippe Smith, Bod Ridley, our Habitat GO Board Chair, Allan Brown, the Chair of our Perth Chapter, and Chris Hahn, the Dean of Algonquin College's Perth Campus, as well as all of the dedicated carvers, sponsors and volunteers who gave generously of their time and creativity!

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